sunbeam, rainbow laser and insomnia

Met Lonce and Jenny for the first time. We sat outside in the U-Town Campus speaking about residencies, the whole program, approach and some helpful contacts. Noise from a construction side accompanying us. One of the buildings under construction contains a big (accidental?) waterfall .

Went to CQT by internal bus-line with Jenny. Every floor has a different colour. My place is going to be in Jennys office on 3rd floor, the cabinet itself will take place at 6th floor. Looking around, I stumbled upon two researchers – introducing myself, inviting them for the talk tomorrow. Some minutes later Momo speaks to me, introducing herself. She is very interested to take part in the project, to join our committee – she takes photos herself.

Later on – meal with Jenny. Self-chosen, fresh brewed Asian soup and fresh juice. Started feeling dizzy. Small amount of rain outside at the open canteen. Some black birds with yellow legs and bills, wearing a feathered hat are around. And pigeons.

After lunch, Jenny is showing me around in CQT. Meeting Johannes in front of the rainbow-laser. He invites us to show his workplace. Explaining function and use of different gadgets. Jenny leaves. Johannes and I speak about invisibility. He says in his point of view “there are two types of things that you can not see – the ones that look like, that you can see them (infra-red-light) – and the things that are completely different from the ones that you can see (quantum-mechanical effects, atoms)”. He invites me, to ask his boss, Kai Dieckmann, a German physist, if I can join one of the experiments. Mentioning atom fog. Curious how it will look like – maybe drawing it?

Back to the office Jenny introduces me to Evon Tan and Chan Chui Theng the administrators. Their spaces look packed with images and figures – interesting. Evon suggests to do something with coffee, since “the amount of coffee correlates to the amount of work at CQT”. I guess, I know what she is talking about.

I am having coffee myself. Check the computer, batteries of keyborad and mouse are empty. Have to get new ones. Going home then, still have to prepare my talk for tomorrow. Since it was announced as “informal” I didn’t really prepare a presentation. But today, I learned that this is exactly what was expected. Not really a problem, but still some work to do.

Some e-mails. Paul fragt wie es in Singapur ist – wie es mir gefällt. Ich mache daraufhin Fotos von meinem Appartement und den Ausblicken. Und mir fällt auf, dass dies die ersten Fotos sind, die ich mache. Tatsächlich bin ich geflasht. Er verspricht, den „Open Call for nothing“ für die geh8 die Tage zu verschicken.

My computer has a problem (probably some trashy program caused it), it is very slow and needs really long to show pictures and so on. So, I work until 2:30 am and skyped with Konrad until 3.

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