Welcome Tea Session

Didn’t sleep very well, was awake until 5 am – not feeling well either. Insomnia probably because of coffee (too late in the day) or Jetlag or both.

Got up late – rush for the bus. Familiar station didn’t occur. After passing the terminus, bus-driver threw me out. His English wouldn’t be enough to understand and help me. I said “science drive, science drive” he was just saying something about bus stop and waving with his hand in the opposite direction of travel. Took some other bus from the passed station. Got off the bus at the next familiar station. Walking by orientating on the architecture and the stadium (good point to find my way). Finally, arriving at CQT.

Setting up the computers. (Remember to create some fliers!) Finishing my preparations for the talk. Daniel picks me up for lunch. We speak about contemporary dance. Following about the primacy of “use” concerning scientific knowledge and in general – about having a balance between profit and play. Tunnel visions within art- and science-world. He says, that in Mexico, where he studied it is more common, that science people are e.g. into dance or other aesthetics. I appreciate this. Also we speak about different ways (or lacks) of funding for artists. After a while, it turns out, that his sister is an artists. She is doing installations.

Coming back, testing the presentation with Darwin – he makes jokes on the possibility of loudness. People waiting on the floor – five minutes to three. Momo and Daniel are there.

Take a seat at the computer – Jenny and I wait to start. Another couple of minutes. Then introducing four of my works. Was much harder to describe ‘cabinet of curiosities’ – lost half of my English in the end – pity. Everything a bit imprecise, because of missing key words.

Lonce brought Isabelle – she is interested to join the board. She is an Artist, dealing with invisibility and science, she says.  Also met Keng Hoong and Phyllis for the first time “in real”. Speak to Momo at the hallway – she has an idea about making a time lapse video from the cabinet.

Got to know Agata, originally from Stettin and Wroclaw. We were interrupted, since the tea-and-cake-society, taking place in the quantum cafe, is called to be quiet because of a Diploma-defense – several times. Went back to the former room. Daniel introduces me to someone, that asks if human can be displayed in the cabinet as well. Sure, I say – like the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm with his ‘one minute sculptures’. The answer seems rather unexpected.

Get to know Julian. Speaking about appointments – this or next week? We get interrupted – a course will take place in this room. Didn’t see this coming.

Again back to quantum-cafe, only few people left over. In fact, only Jenny, Isabelle, Lonce and me. After arranging dates for the next days also this circle dissolves.

After all, back in Jennys office – many people enter to speak with her. She has a tough day, today. Many people are writing applications and want a review from her. Despite all challenges she keeps organised! The last visitor for today is Kwek Leong Chuan, who says, that he has a collection of ten-thousands of teddy-bears (don’t know, whether this is true) and a recording of HAIKUs on quantum physics, that he is willing to accompany with images. Definetly interested in this one!

I am last last person leaving the office after answering a couple of e-mails (Michelle from the NUS-Museum and Artur Ekert offering to meet me). Walking home and taking photos in between.

Checking food in the canteen – finally discovered how to find vegetarian dishes. Writing dairy, sitting outside at the Education Resource Center. Many people with their laptops on white table-benches. Looking like models in the architecture department in Wuppertal, where I used to work a couple of years ago.

A street of mini-ants passes my table in the direction of a hole in the pillar. Start feeling comfortable and at home, already. Only the amount of plastic waste, energy for air-conditionings, fans and lights feels wrong. Compared to my life in Dresden, this is a blast. Only that here is no heating required. (Saves a lot of energy) Suddenly, finding myself exposed as moderate, organic vegetarian, prefering free open source software (not apple!), doesn’t like facebook and is concerned about the waste of resources, energy and social disparity. Wow – I never saw myself within these frames before, it just felt ‘usual’ in ‘my’ way. Good to know.


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