prophecies in tenderness

Got up at ten – felt refreshed. Went outside writing diary. Reading and answering E-Mails. Lonce offered to join a student-play about abstraction at LaSalle today. He suggests to bring fliers along – to advertise my offer to artists of joining the board . Cancelling “going out” for today – rather producing a flyer.

Took almost 3 hours. Went to CQT to print them out. Reminds me on former art venues – no budget projects. This experience is helpful, since this is an improvisation. Feels good to get something done -to ‘solve’ a problem.

Went to MRT. Took photos and recordings.

Finally managed to get a SIM-Card and other stuff around Bugis. Good to know, where to already know, where LaSalle is. Having vegetarian winter-melon-soup. Nice but too hot to finish it – only 10 min to eat, until meeting Lonce and his wife at 8:15 somewhere at LaSalle.

Arrived first – looking around – only few minutes later meeting Lonce and Ruslana, she is a jewellery artist, originally from Odessa, Ukraine. Searching for the place where the play takes part – found it. Waiting. Different people speak to Lonce. I meet Stephe Dixon and Ian Willock with his daughters, who just arrived in Singapore this day. They have their challenge with the climate. Like me some days ago.

The show starts. A guy “oben-ohne” (topless), painted with numbers and equations starts a public calculation, which ends surprisingly with number seven – for everyone. The whole play has an interesting topic: math and human life. I appreciate, to see their approach to this ‘abstract’ knowledge. I like the acting of the guy, representing the Indian mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan and the Asian girl, playing the contemporary female mathematician. One key-word was fatalism.

I am currently reading a book, edited by the Austrian-American author Paul Watzlawick. Even the article I just read yesterday, was about the psychological phenomenon “self-full-filling prophecy”. That matches to the topic. Really impressive! The author describes its huge power – making people win or loose, live or die, succeed or fail. Depending on their believes. Another side of the topic ‘creation of your own world’ and the spectator influences the experiment, not only in nano-scales, and quantum mechanics, but in human mind – and even with rats, as shown within this experiment:

Researchers were divided into two groups: one group was told, that they are working with very a intelligent sort of rats – the second group met a rather stupid species. And guess what! After some experiments it turned out, that the intelligent rats had much better skills than the others. Aside the researchers of the intelligent-rat-group were mentioning, that they had have also a very good relation-ship with their animals. The only thing is, that there have never been two species of rats – all the same. Only researchers created the difference through their expectations – “Experimenter Effects in Behavioural Research”, Robert Rosenthal, Harvard 1966. He did a similar experiment with school-children some years later – similar result.

Met Vanini Belarmino, in charge for organising talks at the ArtScience Museum. She also lives in Berlin, for almost four years now. Together with her, Ruslana and Lonce we discuss the appeal of Berlin – how it became an Artist-Mekka. My suggestion is: affordable space. Vanini adds: squats. Steve joins our talk. He is President of LaSalle. We speak about my project – I ask him for support in finding artists for the board. He catches Rashid Saini. Both seem to be interested an d willing to help – thats great – I pass over some fliers. Even Vanini helps to find artists for the board.

I meet Florence, daughter of Steve. She writes her thesis on (I am paraphrasing, maybe missing some aspects) ‘tenderness within contemporary art’. Sounds good! Actually I would be interested in reading it. The art-school were I studied, recently seems to be in fashion with offensive, violence and anger. That is exactly the reason why I feel not connected to their scene any more. Despite my (Meister-)Professor Martin Honert is definitely not into this mainstream of plain provocation. He is always respectful, sensitive and patient to his students – in that sense, he has always been a role model to me.

Together with Vanini, Ruslana and Florence we discuss, whether it is more easy in tenderness or anger. No conclusion. We get interupted – the After-Show-Society moves to a German pub, called Brotzeit. But I join Lonce and Ruslana for a drink somewhere at Little India, I guess.

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