just writing and thinking

Different than thought I am working today – writing diary. Otherwise my memory will be deleted. I can have ‘dérives’ and shopping on Easter and Goods Friday, I guess. Also writing helps me in organising thoughts, developing ideas and reflection!

Starting the day by writing emails. Going outside to sit in the ERC – in the ‘learning cafe’. Doubts on my way – about the value, importance of writing this diary. Is it worth the time? But as long as it helps me to develop and discover ideas (which had already been the case), it is good enough, I guess.

At ERC I start to recognise people, might be the same to them. The unfriendly shop-assistant does. Also the stuff at Starbucks. I don’t like being their customer. But I really appreciate sitting outside and write. Their concept works, so far.

I sat there from 12 to 6 pm. Ate Belgium waffles and drank two American coffee. The ants are still there. My right hand hurts, when I went back to flat. Will have a look if my parents are on skype or Konrad and chat with them.

Meeting Konrad – we speak about the point, how likely it is, that people will read this text. He says, to him it is a good part to the project. I am writing these letters on paper in an exercise book, so I have to transcribe it, when I want to have it as digital version. Thats double work, but still more handy for me to carry the book around and just sit-down and write, when there is time. Mainly writing at ERC.

Surprisingly, met Vo Nhat at dinner. We spoke about his interest in 20th century music, his idea to create a piece on quantum mechanics and Schönberg. He studies Computer-Science. He asks me about my interest in Quantum-Technologies. I say, that my approach in general is space. Quantum-level seems to me the place, where space changes in a whole different concept. Especially the absence of implicit images is interesting to me. He thinks QT is rather about scale than space. He himself is interested in the in-continuity of scales and is curious, if the whole thing called ‘world’ is really just about random.

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