Today, appointment at 10 am: Wood-shopping with Lian at Kelantan-Lane. Arrived nearly in time. We take a taxi to the city-center. First we buy electronic devices at Sim Lin Tower. A high-rise building equipped with hundred of small shops and nearly no light. You get nearly every electronic thing that you can think of – wow. I would need such a center in my surrounding all the time!

Later looking for tools near little india – f-cramps, drills and things like that. I learned, that these small businesses are called ‘hardware-shops’. Like a ‘Baumarkt’ spread over a whole quarter.

We see a wood-shop. The owner shows me different kinds of wood – such as mdf, plywood and other stuff – he explains it very patient, all I want to know. Fortunately he is familiar with centimetres and meters, too. These foots and inches say nothing to me. I note everything in my exercise book. If we’d have a coffee, I say to Lian, I could make a drawing in between, could order and take the wood for the plinth to CQT, even today!

Close to the wood-store is a hawker-center. A traditional place for Asian food – sheltered, but without glass-windows. Not only, that we are having coffee, but also a very nice fish-soup. We speak about jobs in Singapore – live in general. About the thrill to get grades and degrees for everything – also about car-sharing and that people spend a lot of money on food in Singapore. I guess its both sides. I say, that I find it reasonable, to spend money on food. It is silly to spend money most of your money – lets say on a car and  skip it in eating and drinking. From that side – I appreciate it.

After lunch we go to Mustafas – a huge shopping-mall – fancy building with glass and aluminium waves on the façades. All products that you buy, go into a plastic bag, which becomes sealed through closure by a cable fastener. We go there, because I want to have a working-trouser. Got a very cheap one, but hadn’t the energy to look further. Finally also got herb tea and decaf coffee!

Back to the wood-shop – pick up all stuff and back to CQT. It is afternoon, now. Went with Jenny and Sian to look for wood and a working space. Sian offers to create a acrylic box for the plinth of the micro-sculpture. Have to make a drawing.

Jenny had to fulfil an application for my working space, a health and safety assessment, which included also the question after my blood-group. At late afternoon we meet two health- and safety-managers. For several reasons they deny our places, that we suggested. Fortunately, they come up with another idea. Using the bridge at 2nd floor – it is closed, since there was a fire at the graphine lab some time ago. The bridge will be destroyed in some weeks, because it is to low for the standards in Singapore for vehicles of the fire brigades. I am a bit concerned about not yet having a space to construct things.

Writing emails and finishing the summary of last board-meeting. Leave the office at 7:45 pm – to U-Town-Campus.

After dinner joined the meeting of students, organised by Kuldip. It seems that they usually watch films and discuss them afterwards. Today it’s a film about multiverses, string theory and inflation. As mentioned – discussion afterwards. Mainly on particles and waves. On demand, Kuldip defines these two entities (I paraphrase):

Particles are points at a certain place/ position in universe. Waves are entities, that exists through the space – sort of spread? Not only on one point. By definition a particle can not be a wave ( but waves can effect particles).

To me it looks like Kuldip is one of these teachers, doing their job well and with tenderness, attention and pleasure. He seems to be interested in the ideas, that students have and takes them serious. In the end he introduces me to the crowd and I briefly talk about my ongoing project at CQT.

Having orange-juice and waffles while writing diary – at ERC. Later at home – emails. The first submission for our nothing-Movie-Night in Dresden arrived. A french artist sends us a touching video. I am looking forward to our nothing-series this summer at geh8. My art-education students are involved as well. Only, that things must always happen at the same time! I really wish to overcome this somehow, sometime in future! Also I have to finish my competition-part for the Kunst-am-Bau-Wettbewerb (art and architecture) for the Federal Office of Land Survey in Dresden as well at Easter.

Visions of the cabinet instead of sleeping. All sorts of ideas. Worries about the time. I have to set up a whole infrastructure to work physically. A bit too much, for the amount of time. Some weeks more, would be really helpful. Maybe have to downsize ideas, since there is no guaranteed time from helpers, that are used to help with this kind of construction.

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