singapores artistic future proof

Got up at 10 am. Writing dairy, since yesterday was so interesting and I wanted to keep all details. Thunder and rain started – took photos of this cloudburst. Also, I wrote a couple of emails.

Made plan, to go to the Singapore Art Museum today. Went out on this purpose around 4 pm. Discovered art-in-the-MRT-project on my way. Some is just decoration, but not really bad, some I like:

Got off at Dhoby Ghaut. Couldn’t find the exit to the street ended up in a shopping mall on subbasement -2 – really disturbing. Finally managed to escape.

Walking along Orchard Road to the Museum. Free entry – very few people there. A golf-installation with interpretation from different audiences. Conceptual and well-presented. And a learning gallery, with contemporary Southeast Asian artworks. Colourful, proper and mainly figurative. I enjoy rather classical artworks, but I guess, they do not represent, what is happing. There may be also experimental, provocative and less finished works as well? Or maybe that is just my prejudice from other places.

Entering another building –  and the ‘future proof’ provides more experimental artworks. That’s how the special show for Singaporean artists is called. ‘Speak cryptic’ covered the staircase with black lines of painting – I guess he (?) is a street artist. Shah Rizzal’s work ‘this is home’ I liked most. A small ‘tent’ made from waste materials. Next to it Francis Ng “displaced” – photographies in red light – sea-side. Chung Kaifeng with his uncoloured architectural dealing with urban issues such as gated communities and casinos ( “¥ € $”). Ang Sookoon grew crystals on breads, called “Your love is like a chunk of gold”.

Drank decaf coffee and ate scone (knew them from Belfast, haven’t had one in between – almost four years now). Then took the MRT to One-North, since Jenny invited me for dinner, today. Made field-recordings from crickets and frogs at the park along my way to Jenny’s house. Had to ask someone to find the entrance.

Get to know Rosh, Jenny’s husband – Rohan, their son is of course sleeping. Besides all conversations on all different topics, we had also very nice self-made pizza and beer. And a discussion about alcohol-free beer, that I like a lot.

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