dancing atoms

Got up at 10:20. Still tired. Making drawings, writing emails. No cleaning woman today! Went to CQT – should prepare the display-panels to show them at the board-meeting today. Therefore it has happen early enough, that at least the paint can dry. Works out! Again, also Christian is working at the workshop. I tell him about our collection of spoiled works. He has two pieces for me.

I look for Debashis office – can’t find it. No more energy to run around – just went for lunch. Meeting Troy, Miklos and another guy. I ask them about astonishing entities, maybe visuals. They can’t think of any. We also speak about lab-books, dance and physics and visualisation of data. Somehow we drifted into language and their different conceptual metaphors. I argue, that every language has terms, that are nearly untranslatable. Miklos disagrees. I mention the French word ‘mirage’ – English language took it from French. Once, it was taking part in an exhibition having this term in the title and I wrote a text for the catalogue – this is why I know, that there is no similar German word for it, because I spent a day to search for it. Miklos says, that in Hungarian there is a word, literally translated as ‘noon puppet’ – which sounds really nice.

And there is more surprising discoveries! Miklos knows the place, where I was born. He spent some month there. That’s contrary to my experience of last weeks. People hardly know where Dresden is – let alone Gera … East Germany is not even well known in the western world.

Our small round moves – I was offered coffee but have to refuse, since it is almost 3:20 and I have to prepare the board-meeting! Which should start at 4 pm. Unfortunately the conference-room is already booked. Evon gets me the meeting room near the office. This is actually a perfect stage for the board-meeting. Only that I have to collect people from different floors. We start at 4:18 pm. Much too late.

Good news is, that Lonce and Isabelle joined. Finally there is artistic engagement! Immediately it became more lively and easy for me, since I could focus more on the moderation and not have to give artistic input at the same time. I collected all suggestions from last board-meeting plus those ideas, that came up this time. First we started with the qubit-discussion. When I realised, that we were too much into details – such as: which paper shall we use? I announced the whole list of about 12 topics. And put some speed behind. Forcing decisions, by hand-sign. Afterwards Jenny called it gentle but straight. So we ended at 6 pm – precise in time! Lonce left a bit earlier.

I think about writing the summary immediately after the meeting – sitting at the computer. Christian enters my office – I am already the last person there. “Still working?” he asks and suggests to join Markus and him for food and beer at West Coast Plaza. The bus runs at 8 pm, directly to there. Some minutes before, I was willing to work – now, I decide joining them. Only the bus ran at 8:30 pm – so I was quite late when I arrived. Christian and Markus are already there. Markus and I introduce each other – we speak German.

Again, similar to what John asked yesterday, the wanted to know how it is like to be around with  physicists. When John asked, I didn’t think about the motivation of this question. Today, I think it is a reflection, they ask for. I can understand that well.

The only thing I wonder about, is why physicists complain about other physicists – not only here – same experience in Dresden! Am I surrounded by artists, I have the feeling of a slidely special world, but I appreciate company of all sorts of artists (besides there are of course artists too, that complain about other artists). I have to say, 70 % of my circle of friends consists of visual artists, even sculptors, or those who are creating installations, drawings and/or sound-art. Followed by the friends which are architects and musicians. Some are authors, dancers, composers or cultural managers, philosophers, sociologists, crafts-people, designer and computer scientists. Also physicists (!) , biologists and jurists. And there is one archaeologist, an engineer, a mathematician … and then it get wider and wider … Maybe is is just an attitude?

Second part we discuss about being rational and saving time. Being asked, I tell them, that my impression is, that people with physic-background often behave with a high clarity and not not much doubt as a grey-zone, which I find exhausting from time to time. Also a relevant amount of impatience for unclear situations and open developments. Answers are: “Yes – I like it” or “No, I don’t like it”, while I am often times like “Maybe, I don’t know?”  “Otherwise, this and that are also possible”. This is one of the occasions for the feeling of abundance or sometimes I get angry when I have the impression someone forces me to clarity and unambiguity. Because one can hardly always know, what this is all about. One may miss opportunities to learn about new ways. I tell them about an experience that I once had with a performance: Someone was simply washing his hands with a piece of soap. When it started, I hoped, something else than just hand-washing will happen. But it didn’t – that was all! It took him more than 1 ½ hour and was the most incredibly boring piece, that I ever saw. Really tremendous in boringness –  remarkable! I guess watching performances teaches patience, attention and openness. Markus starts kicks-off a discussion, that in his opinion a lot of people are boring. He doesn’t want to waste his time. I have the opposite opinion – I hardly meet people, that are uninteresting. When I avoid people – it is not because of disinterest, but more about self-protection.

Somehow Markus and I came into arguing about philosophers. (He likes Aristotle and Karl Popper – he says he has read Aristotle in ancient Greek.) He complains about Kant and Hegel and doesn’t like, that they are is difficult to understand. Markus theory is, that this happens is on purpose to fool readers and philosophers should be able to explain their thoughts as simple as everyone understand. I disagree. Although philosophy is not an explanation, but the text is a work on its own. Explanation happens after the text, rarely within. Since philosophers build up their own vocabulary within a treatise, it can be hard to follow, especially when one tries to read them without knowledge of the vocabulary, that they usually develop upon several works. Markus thinks this definition is unnecessary – words have an obvious meaning for him. I ask Christian – that had rather been in the role as observer before – to introduce my little misunderstanding about the concept of cabinet. When we leave, Markus seems to have no better argument on this topic.

In the end I regret, that we were discussing more on philosophy than out Christian’s and Markus’ work. But I felt, that I had to defend poor Hegel and Kant!

Came home – checked emails – a nice recommendation from Troy, that he mentioned this lunch-time before. It is a TED-Talk, were someone explains the process of  cooling atom via dance:

I like contemporary dance! One of my favourite choreographers is Pina Bausch. I learned about her in Wuppertal. One of the most impressive pieces is – Café Müller!

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