last board-meeting

Making sketches for the cabinet. Have to combine feasibility with providing space for all objects and presence in the room! Since last board-meeting suggested it – I will include one of the transport-boxes from Johannes lab. When the board had the idea, to create the whole cabinet made of boxes – such as cardboard or wooden one, I intervened. Because it would simply look like a trash installation in the end.

The nice cleaning woman doesn’t come anymore – a new (strange) one, instead.

Went to CQT, to meet Debashis at 2 pm. We are creating a 3-D-Model of the cabinet after my drawings. Went quite well! Preparing board-meeting in afterwards. The last one already!

Slowly people drop in – leave again, coming back. Somehow we get started – a quarter past 4 pm. I introduce Madhura to the others. Johannes joins later. Some ideas came up – such as printing out all papers published by this institute (founded in 2007). Discussion, if it would be show-off to exhibit them. The majority of board-members votes or displaying them.  Johannes makes jokes on sexiness and self-confidence. The meetings start to be really fun, now! Finally we get through all decisions!  The round dissolves by 6:25 pm as slow as it came together.We try to measure the space with human-body – to estimate the size of the cabinet. The distance between fingertips of both spread arms, is aprox. the same as height. In my case 176 cm. Finally some useful knowledge from anatomy- and nude-drawing classes.

I introduce Momo and Madhura to each other more personal – in the hope, they may find each others work interesting, since both seem to deal with lattices and patterns! Finding a base to talk about, happens more quickly, than I expected. After some minutes, there are already planning an art-work. That’s great.

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