Michelanglo – THE hero

Got up at 8:20 am. Went to CQT by 10 am, measuring the transport-box from Kai’s Lab. Found a nice sculpture from Valerio on my desk, including some computer-drawings and a note, to explain. Also a remark saying: Feel free to throw it away. Jenny explained, that it is also an interesting mathematical concept, that he referred to. Working with Debashis to redesign the box with the measures, that I agreed with Björn and Jessie about it. What a luxury to have someone that takes care of not making mistakes in numbers! Extracting the actual measures of the box – because I need to buy wood today – that it will be delivered tomorrow.

At 1 pm I have a lunch-appointment with Madhura at LaSalle. We reflect on the talk at the Art Science Museum, yesterday. Speaking on many other various topics. Went to artfriend afterwards to buy art-supplies for Madhuras and Momos Installation.

Finally taking the main task for to today: ordering wood in correct measures! The shop-owner is as friendly as always, but for him, it is a huge amount of data. I am a bit concerned, if all things will be correct in the end – which I doubt. He can’t read some of my numbers – especially with ‘7’ he seem to have troubles to recognise it. I have the same with some of his handwritten numbers. He has a   Chinese background.

Went back to CQT – I will hold the second part of the workshop today. Meet Stephanie and two of her students in our office. One of them built a nice model that shows a quantum information process. I offer to ask the board to include it in the cabinet – Stephanie doesn’t seem to know what it means, neither be interested to find it out. So, I leave the situation as it is and go the see John. Wanted to give him the art-supplies – because he promised to draw me a qubit. After all, it was his suggestion. I feel sorry, that I hurry people today. When I enter Johns office, I am already about to leave. Again, I briefly explain the two tasks like a formula: ‘Could you draw me a qubit?’ and ‘Would you model a model that you are working with?’. And I ask him, if he could give me a 10 min lecture on nothing this week. He agrees! Thats great. We make an appointment for Friday afternoon. All other questions, remarks, discussions can to wait, since I have only 15 min more until the workshops starts. I am a bit stressed, since I don’t know how many people will come – can be 3 can be 30. Also I don’t know if it would be the same people like last time or different ones. Will they be prepared or not? Will they have suggestions, objects or mind-maps with them? I know nothing. I discuss this with John. He says something simple, but really astonishing and pioneering for me. He says: ‘Well if you don’t know it, then you don’t have to worry about it.’ I never thought of this possibility, but he was merely true! It is so simple, that it doesn’t sound like a relevant information at all. But it was. Especially for my job as Assistant Professor at the University of Wuppertal, I  had the impression, that I (was?) forced (myself?) to solve and control uncontrollable situations all the time. The state of emergency was status quo – it was the permanent situation of fire-fighters-brigade-organisation. I felt responsible, although, I wasn’t authorized to change it – this would lead directly into conflict. This was the reason, why I quit after two years. When I left Wuppertal I considered, never to teach at a University again. Despite that, I forced myself to take offered the job at the University of Dresden – as test. Although, I was afraid it could end in the same troubles with authority, bickering over responsibilities, disorganisation, excessive demands and exhaustion again – but it didn’t! Luckily not these troubles at all. But I am still in a ongoing relearning process.

So, I tried to rely on what I prepared and my experience and the ability to react and improvise – for the workshop. It was really nice, then. Seven people were present. Sallie was there, too. My idea was, to discuss a few artworks in detail. Last time I was showing a lot of images – this time we would take the time to explore some in detail. I used a technique/concept, that I originally invented for a Radio-show was called ‘Bildbande’. A group of people described images on air – interpreting them afterwards. The audience could decide, whether they want to have a look on the image online or just listen and imagine them. The idea was to trust the visual approach of the image and to translate it playfully into language. In this attentive manner, we discussed Roman Opalka ‘1965/ 1 –∞’ for 45 minutes and Carey Young for another similar amount of time with her ‘Body techniques (After Valie Export – Encirclement)’. Then I suggested to speak about Momos and Luo Yans Q-CiTy, that they created of spoiled work. This would be a typical practise it in my former art-school – so called ‘Klassengespräch’ (discussion in the class). Mainly positive reactions. The discussion extended on Art and Science. Similarities, differences – artistic approaches. Momo spoke about sceptic comments that she got, while producing their piece. We discuss Michelangelo that seems to be THE hero for some physicists in combining craft, physics and art. It was also interesting for me – learned a lot this evening. Also this group was very good at observation!

Together with Momo and Madhura we went to U-Town-Campus afterwards, to get some food. I know that there is an Italian Restaurant. We have Pasta and speak about structures in science institutions. And the joy and challenges in an artist-life. Also personal issues. Around midnight we leave. I have to be fit for tomorrow,  since I will have to work physically – in this heat!

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