How to build a quantum-cabinet?

At 8:20 am, right after showering the wood-shop owner called me, that everything works out with transport. At 10 am wood arrived. Got Eng Swee and Chrong Wang to help me bringing it up to the bridge at level 2. Debashis arrives too. We sort the pieces – some are wrong. One is failed, because instead on 1000 mm, it was only 100 mm. Finally we have our own spoiled materials!

I go to level 6, since I wanted to measure Berges chessboard – I want to provide an extension to the cabinet, having the exact same size as the board. When I enter the office I find Berge and Miklos in a rather relaxed atmosphere. I asked them if I may introduce a question. They agree. So I do my qubit- and model research-demand. The temperature sinks close to zero. Berge says, that this is exactly what he don’t want to happen, since he tries to get out ‘wrong’ images of students heads. So, I say – give me a ‘right’ image, anything you want – make it correct from your point of view. He just shakes his head – saying that he doesn’t understand what this whole project is about. Even why we want to include his chessboard, doesn’t make sense to him. I say, that if he doesn’t want it to be there – it doesn’t have to happen at all! It was just an idea.

B:     Whose idea?
G:     Björns

Miklos escapes.

G:     It was the idea of physicists and people at the board to ask for these drawings.
B:    Why don’t these people draw for you?
G:     They do already other stuff. And some already did!
B:     So,why do you not draw the qubits yourself – you are the artist!
G:    Because we want to collect mental images among CQT of this abstract concept.
B:     I wonder what this whole show will be about. I’ll observe what will happen there.

I leave tired-up. This was more rather an examination than a discussion. It’s good that I can do something practical right now. Chorng Wang, Desbashis and I start to assemble pieces. It goes well. Chorng Wang is really good in constructing and cutting! Debashis’ plan is very helpful – to communicate between us constructors. I wasn’t dare to hope about such a help, of the too!

I found out, that one motivation for Debashis’ participation in construction is to learn to deal with wood. This is a great reason to me. At least, I can offer some of my knowledge as well. Constructing and treating wood is one of the skills, that I have a proper knowledge about. Before I learned to write in school –  I learned cutting and assembling wood – my father taught me. For me it was so normal and easy, that I do not need to think much about it. Also I considered this skill as ‘nothing’ (special) for a long time. Only when I started teaching students, I realised, that most people don’t have this knowledge – especially female students! Assembling a plinth of of MDF turned out to be a helpful course for students – I didn’t consider this before our daily discussions. But maybe it is just one of the things, that arose in my 13 years of artistic practical practise. (I started counting from the trainee-ship in stone-statuary, when I was 18 years old). Since I have this slide background in crafts –  I compared my knowledge to joiners, carpenters and wood carvers before – the professionals in this field – therefore my knowledge was just good enough – not really good – and of course nothing special at all!

Jenny visits us in between – making photos and delivering cake and juice. Really nice! Christian helps us with cutting some pieces at the circle saw in physics-lab. Isabelle and Johannes show up to discuss their laser-box-installation. People are passing the floor – being curious what is happening. We sent out a last call for astonishing pieces, images and findings via e-mail. Jenny also created a nice ‘qubit-drawing-station’ at that goes to the Quantum Café. The delivery of a new correct piece from the wood-shop arrives.

At 6:00 pm we have to leave the bridge and store our tools in the workshop. The first pieces (the laser box) are assembled. I am tired, but relieved and satisfied. Jenny, who is there again, to make photos says: ‘That’s good to hear. We want a happy artist!’. I guess I never forget this sentence. I have been exhibiting in very nice,  friendly and caring environments before – but no-one was that explicit, in taking care!

Debashis and I continue glueing the presentation frames, that they can dry until tomorrow. Debashis explains his concept of the perfect artwork.

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